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Ascend Elements will recycle production scrap from SK Battery America

Ascend Elements, the lithium-ion battery recycling company previously known as Battery Resourcers has announced it has been selected by SK Battery America (SKBA) to recycle both cell and module lithium-ion battery manufacturing scrap from the company's manufacturing facility in Commerce, Georgia. The scrap material will be recycled at Ascend Elements' new 154,000-square-foot battery recycling facility in Covington, Ga., which can recover 98% of battery materials and return critical battery elements to the battery supply chain. The Ascend Elements lithium-ion battery recycling process in Covington, Ga. will shred EV battery manufacturing scrap from the SK facility in before transforming the material into custom cathode active battery materials that can be used to make new lithium-ion batteries.

SK Innovation, the owner of SK On and its US subsidiary SK Battery America, has previously announced battery material deals with L&F, BTR and Ecopro BM. With the latter company SK has also planned to jointly work on battery recycling. SK has also announced an ambition to increase its in-house production of cathode material, not least in the US.

Ascend Elements raised $90M in 2021 to expand its battery recycling and cathode manufacturing operations, and recently shared plans to open the Covington recycling Base facility, which will be North America's largest battery recycling facility with 30,000 metric tons per year capacity when fully operational later this year. The company will continue expanding its commercial recycling and battery materials manufacturing operations in 2022 and 2023.

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