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ATC Drivetrain acquries Global Battery Solutions

The Michigan-based remanufacturing company ATC Drivetrain has acquired the electronics and battery repair company Global Battery Solutions. It is the second battery-related acquisition by ATC in only two months.

Global Battery Solutions, located in Holland in western Michigan, was spun out of the electronics repair company Sybesma Electronics. The company started to repair A123 batteries for its customers after the manufacturer went into administration in 2012, giving them an early start in the lithium-ion battery market. The company has also been working with repurposing of batteries.

Operating out of their 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, Global Battery Solutions has been involved in repair of battery packs and has also been involved in research around BMS and remote monitoring of batteries.

The acquisition comes only one month after ATC acquired Treharne, a UK-based battery life cycle management business, and strengthens ATC's position in battery remanufacturing which in the US is dominated by Spiers New Technologies which itself was founded by previous ATC employees.

Picture showing A123 bus battery at Global Battery Solutions repurposed as ESS unit.

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