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Auto remanufacturer ATC Drivetrain acquires UK-based EV battery specialist Treharne

The Michigan-based automotive remanufacturing company ATC Drivetrain has acquired Treharne Automotive Engineering Ltd in the UK, a company focused on EV battery life cycle management. The acquisition means ATC will further strengthen its position in the EV market while adding more footprint in Europe.

Newport, Wales-based Treharne is specialized in electrical drivetrains and has developed both software and bespoke tools for EV battery diagnostics. The company has also been involved in second life projects using modules from customers when batteries haven't been feasible for a further life in a vehicle.

ATC Drivetrain is a Farmington Hills, Michigan-based company providing remanufacturing solutions for powertrain and drivetrain products regardless of the technology powering the vehicle. This includes batteries, electric drive units, engines, transmissions, and other driveline products. ATC also offers engineering services that include warranty root cause analysis and testing, quality audits, production rework and recycling. ATC serves the global automotive industry from its facilities in the USA, United Kingdom and China.

With the acquisition ATC Drivetrain strenghten its position in the EV market. In the US this market has largely been dominated by Spiers New Technologies which in 2015 was founded by Dirk Spiers who came from ATC Drivetrain.

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