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Chaoyue Technology invests in 60,000 tpa battery recycling plant in Anhui.

Through its subsidiary Anhui Dehui Green Environmental Protection will the Shenzhen-listed Technology invest 400 million yuan ($62M) in a plant for recycling of 60,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries. The plant will also be used for dismantling of electric cars, bikes and motorcycles, as well as the disassembly and reuse of battery packs.

The construction will start in September 2021 and is estimated to 36 months over two phases. The first phase is planned to be completed in July 2023 and the second phase will in August 2024.

Although Chaoyue Technology is listed the ownership is dominated by one family. The company has been involved in recycling of hazardous waste and electronics. It appears the process will only cover pre-processing and recovered material will be sold to other recyclers.

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