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Ecobat acquires pre-processor Promesa – one step forward in vertical integration

The US-based lead company Ecobat, with long experience in collection of waste batteries, has acquired the German lithium-ion battery recycler Promesa. With the acquisition Ecobat now have an integrated operation in the UK and Germany comprising collection, sorting and pre-processing of lithium-ion batteries.

Ecobat is one of the leading lead companies in the world with production of lead and lead products as well as recycling of lead-acid batteries in their portfolio. The company operates 14 lead smelters in North America, Europe and Africa. Since the early 2000s the company has been involved in battery collection and sorting in Europe with a strong footprint in the UK and Germany through its subsidiary Ecobat Logistics which also operates in Poland.

Promesa started its operation in 2016 as a subsidiary of the industrial waste company VVG. Promesa operates a pre-treatment process based on shredding under water. The company is treating all kinds of lithium-ion batteries, from portable to automotive packs. Ecobat has for several years been one of the company's customers. Promesa has a permit for, and an official capacity of 3,200 tonnes, something Ecobat is planning to expand.

With the deal Ecobat Logistics now takes a step forward in the value chain although not as far as in their lead business in which they supply the battery industry and other segments with advanced lead products. For lithium-ion batteries Ecobat now covers collection to pre-treatment while the black mass produced at Promesa needs to be further processed by other companies. Not least the integration will give Ecobat an even stronger position in the UK which still is lacking a recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries.

The acquisition can be seen as another example of vertical integration forward by collectors and sorting companies, not least in the e-waste sector. Stena Recycling, TES-Amm and Veolia are some examples in Europe. In the US the EV battery remanufacturing company Spiers New Technologies recently added pre-processing to their services.

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