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EcoPro to establish recycling operation in Poland

According to media in South Korea the cathode producer Ecopro is to establish a recycling operation in Poland after an agreement with LG Energy Solutions (former LG Chem) to process production waste from their lithium-ion battery plant in Wroclaw. The plant is the largest battery plant in Europe with a target capacity in 2022 of 65-70 GWh per year.

The recycling arm in Ecopro, Ecopro CNG, is a newly established subsidiary to Ecopro BM which is one of South Korea's leading manufacturer of battery materials. In April 2020 Ecopro CNG signed an MOU with the city of Pohang to establish a battery recycling plant in the city which has become a hub for battery recycling companies. Ecopro has already two joint ventures with Chinese GEM involved in precursor production (in South Korea) and cathode material production (in China). The company is especially strong in NCA cathode material and is a major supplier to Samsung SDI.

About the potential establishment here:

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