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Evyon signs sourcing agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy

The Norwegian battery reuse startup Evyon which recently changed name from Repack has signed a sourcing agreement with Mercedes-Benz Energy for supply of 26 MWh of EV battery volums with delivery in 2022. The batteries will be used in energy storage systems developed by Evyon.

Evyon is about to launch its first real product, a residential energy storage system during the second half of 2022. Prototypes, developed under the brand Repack, have ranged between 8 to 220 kWh. The partnership with Mercedes-Benz Energy will secure Evyon access to large volumes of high quality batteries which have been tested and graded by Mercedes-Benz Energy.

The partnership is the second supply agreement for Mercedes-Benz Energy this spring after a previous deal with Swedish Batteryloop. Mercedes-Benz Energy is one of the true pioneers in the battery reuse industry and has deployed batteries in various applications exceeding in the 100 MWh range.

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