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Honda signs agreement with SNAM on repurposing of EV batteries

Honda Europe has extended the agreement with SNAM on take-back of EV and hybrid batteries in Europe. In the latest announcement Honda outlines the ambition to first use batteries from both hybrids and EV's in second life applications. SNAM, which operates a recycling process for both lithium-ion and nickel metal hydride batteries has invested in their own process for testing, grading and reassembly of used batteries in a concept called Phoenix. The idea is that batteries which are fit for purpose will be used in SNAM's battery concepts while batteries which don't reach the bar will be recycled by SNAM.

The volume will most probably not be that impressive the next few years. Especially not for systems based on lithium-ion batteries as Honda is yet to place lithium-ion batteries on the European market. Still the agreement is yet another example of how OEMs are preparing for reuse of batteries as a first option before they reach recycling.

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