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India's Attero invests $40M in 11,000 tpa battery recycling plant

According to several media outlets the Indian e-waste and battery recycling company Attero, with head quarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, plans to invest 3 Billion Rupee ($40M) to increase its capacity material recovery from lithium-ion batteries. The current pilot plant can process 1,000 tonnes per year and will now be expanded to 11,000 tonnes per year.

Attero, which is the leading e-waste collector in India has been involved in recycling of lithium-ion batteries for several years and have been awarded two patents for its hydrometallurgical process.

No details have been provided about any further external funding. Attero has raised capital in several stages from Indian and American private equity and venture capital funds. In 2014 the company raised $16.5M from Forum Synergies in a Series C round. In October 2021 the company said it had raised a total of $30M.

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