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Miracle Automation partners with FAW's parts supplier to set up new recycling JV

Miracle Automation, the automotive manufacturing system vendor which has become one of the leading Chinese battery reuse and recycling companies has signed an MOU with Fawer Co, an automative parts supplier, to set up a joint venture for EV battery recycling. If the joint venture will be established a hydrometallurgical material recovery plant will be set up in the Jilin Province.

Fawer was founded as a automtive part supplier under the state-owned car maker FAW Group which is a joint venture partner to companies such as Volkswagen and Toyota in China. Now an independant listed company Fawer supplies automotive systems to companies within the FAW spehre but aslo to large Chinese car makers such as Geely and Great Wall Motor. Its EV division is reportedly delivering systems to companis like Tesla, BYD and Nio.

Fawer has a clear ambition to cover the whole lifecycle of the EV. Through its subsidiary Fawer Smart Energy Technology the company is building a recycling service system based on so called 4S stores (repair shops for cars).

No details about capacities, technologies or timelines have yet been disclosed.

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