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Recyclus Group starts commissioning of 8,300 tpa black mass facility in the UK

Recyclus Group which is owned by Technology Minerals and Technology Minerals' directors announced the 4th of July that it has started commissioning of it shredder in Wolverhampton by which it has a capacity to recycle 8,300 tonnes per year.

The company has received a permit for processing 22,000 tonnes per year and a daily storage 100 tonnes.

Annual capacity can be increased through additional shifts, with the expectation that the plant will be able to process up to 22,000 tonnes of Li-ion batteries per annum. The aim is for Recyclus to increase its processing capability through the construction of four more Li-ion recycling plants in the UK.

Recyclus has not announced any offtake agreements, up- och downstream partnerships but is expected to sell it's black mass on the open market.

The picture shows the company's lead acid battery recycling plant which has been build in paralell.

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