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Tinci Materials plans 100,000 tonnes LFP recycling plant in Sichuan

The Guangdong-based battery chemicals company Tinci Materials plans to invest 1.5 Bn RNB ($240M) in a 300,000 tonnes electrolyte plant in the Sichuan region combined with a 100,000 tonnes recycling plant for LFP batteries. The investment is still subject to approval from the general assembly.

Tinci is involved in several parts of the lithium-ion battery value chain such as cathode materials and different additives. The company is also involved in both reuse and recycling through its susbsidiary Zhongtianhong Liqingyuan which specializes ESS for used batteries and which also is operating a smaller recycling line. The company is working in partnership with Huayou Cobalt.

The recycling plant in Sichuan will be one of the first and largest recycling plant in west China and would be one of the largest recycling plant in all categories. The amount of investment going into LFP recycling has increased significantly the last six months with investments made by GH Tech, GEM and Brunp in combined recycling and precursor plants.

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