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UK-based Fenix Recycling denied permit from British EA

The recycler of mixed dry batteries, Fenix Recycling, which were planning to operate a 10,000 tpa shredding process for lithium-ion batteries in West Midlands have been refused a permit by the British Environment Agency, due to lack of competency of the applicant.

The EA report can be found here. It describes how the EA considers that Fenix will not operate the regulated facility in accordance with an environmental permit and how the dealing of current operations, and previous engagements of the directors, makes the agency come to the conclusion that the company doesn't have the required competency to operate the facility.

The report gives a clear insights in a part of the waste sector, not least relating to batteries and electronic waste, which unfortunately is not that rare. Recycling which is not operated by the book is often also an important part of the missing volumes of batteries in the official statistics. Another factor is the "Klondike" status of the lithium-ion battery recycling sector which has attracted several companies which might not always have the experience required.

The planned capacity of Fenix will be put to 0 in our database while the information about the company will be available.

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