13 Million Euro to German project on robotic disassembly of EV batteries

The German project DeMoBat, lead by Fraunhofer Institute has received 13 million Euro in funding to set up a dismantling plant in Baden-Würtenburg.

In addition, a center of excellence is founded to provide technological and economic support for the further development of the project with three sub-projects. "It is important for us to check whether the dismantling factory pays off sustainably for the economy and environmental protection," emphasized Untersteller.

Partners in the project include:

acp systems AG BTU Cottbus – Fachgebiet Physikalische Chemie CTC battery technology GmbH CUTEC Clausthaler Umwelttechnik Forschungszentrum ERLOS GmbH Fraunhofer IPA Greening GmbH & Co. KG Hochschule Esslingen KIT – Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) KIT – wbk Institut für Produktionstechnik Mercedes Benz AG Siemens AG Silberland Sondermaschinenbau GmbH