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Battery recycling developer Botree plans €100M recycling plant in Germany

The Chinese recycling technology company Botree has signed a Letter of Intent for the acquisition of land for a battery recycling plant in the Guben-Süd industrial area in the Branderburg region of Germany. The plant will be require an investment of up to €100M and generate around 100 jobs in the region when it becomes operational in 2025. The site will also host a training center for 30 places.

Botree is a technology solution provider focusing on material recovery and recycling of lithium-ion batteries. The company has worked with several companies already involved in recycling today, both in China and Europe. This is however the first time Botree is setting up a fully operational plant which it also will operate.

Botree says it has had the support of Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation (WFBB) and Germany Trade and Invest mbH (GTAI) to find the location for the new facility.

Guben is already the location for Rock Tech Lithium which is setting up a lithium converter in the area. Rock Tech Lithium has an ambition to source 50% of its production from recycled materials which for which Botree's plant can become an important partner.

We have reached out to Botree for confirmation of capacity and target materials and will update as we know more.

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