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Bosch, Mitsubishi and Blue Park Smart Energy create joint platform for BaaS and battery swapping

German technology company Bosch, the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi and Chinese battery-as-a-service (BaaS) company Blue Park Energy Systems have agreed to develop a joint platform for BaaS and battery swapping for commercial fleets in China.

The platform will use Bosch's AI-based Battery-in-the-cloud technology to continuously monitor and analyze the battery to maximize the battery's lifetime and optimize its total cost of ownership of the fleet. Blue Park, which is a subsidiary to Chinese car maker BAIC, which was the pioneer in battery swapping, will provide battery swapping capabilities to the platform while Mitsubishi will commercialize it.

The goal is also to enable a more effective use of retired batteries in second life solutions.

The aim is to set up projects in China in order to get a proof of concept. Later the service can be provided worldwide.

What's interesting is not least the involvement from companies with strong positions in several global auto markets but also their third party position, something that can place the system between proprietary systems like the ones from Geely and Nio, and battery-based systems like the one from CATL.

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