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CEC awards 2.9 MUSD grant for second life system

CleanSpark which is a diversified software and services company, and ReJoule, a battery diagnostics and optimization company announced that they have been awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission for creating a microgrid system based on second life batteries.

The grant is approximately $2.9 million and is slated to be deployed over the next 30 months. The funds will be distributed to the multi-group partnership of clean energy and technology companies. ReJoule and CleanSpark will be further supported by Ford Motor Company, BigBattery, and GRID Alternatives.

The systems covered by the grant will be deployed at two locations, Lucky Cat Labs, an artist's studio located in Los Angeles, California, and a Housing and Training center for the Homeless, located in Santa Ana, California. They will both incorporate solar and second-generation energy storage batteries controlled by CleanSpark's mPulse software and controls platform and ReJoule's battery management system.

The grant was initiated by California Energy Commission with the purpose to find solutions for batteries from Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt which are expected to reach end of life in scale around 2025.

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