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Cox Automotive subsidiary Spiers New Technology expands to Nevada and Michigan

Spiers New Technology, a subsidiary of Cox Automotive Mobility and the leading company in the US in remanufacturing of EV batteries, has announced it’s establishing service centres in Belleville, (Detroit), Mi and Las Vegas, NV in the United States. The company which since 2015 is operating out of Oklahoma City has expanded rapidly not least as a response to larger recalls from several OEMs. The company also operates a center in Ede in the Netherlands.

In Oklahoma City the Spiers New Technology operates several OEM specific lines for remanufacturing and a recycling line for pre-processing of modules which have been considered not good for reuse. The company has over the years also been involved in several repurposing projects both in house and for OEM customers.

The new centres in Las Vegas and metro Detroit will offer a variety of storage, logistics, diagnostics, repair and remanufacturing services to support manufacturers, dealers and fleet operators and will likely eventually be equipped with pre-processing lines as well for the production of black mass. The company’s global footprint is scheduled to surpass 1 million square feet by the end of 2022.

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