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Enel X and MIDAC to build EV battery recycling plant in Italy

Updated: Mar 25

Enel X, the division for advanced energy services within the Italian energy giant, and the italian battery manufacturing company MIDAC will set up a recycling plant for lithium-ion batteries in Italy. The process which will start as a pilot will eventually have a capacity of 10,000 tpa.

Enel X will be in charge of the development of automatic dismantling technology while MIDAC will be developing the lithium recycling process. The project is part of the IPCEI program within the EU which is run with additional partners.

For MIDAC, which today make lead-acid batteries, the recycling is perceived as a first step in an ambition to start to producer lithium-ion battery cells. Both of the partners have previously been involved in second life projects.

The partners did not share information about timing of the project.

More about the project here.

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