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Heritage partner with 6K to produce cathode material with direct recycling

Heritage Battery Recycling, a recently established subsidiary in the Heritage Group, has partnered with the Massachusetts-based cathode material startup 6K. Through the partnership the companies aim to produce cathode material from recycled batteries already in early 2022.

6K is a tech startup which as developed a process for rapid production of various cathode materials using its proprietary advanced plasma process. The process can also be used to recover cathode materials in its entirety and turn it new cathode materials, skipping several expensive and energy intensive process steps.

Heritage is today focusing on the collection of batteries but are also involved in reuse activities.

Although widely different in size the partnership propels Heritage in a similar direction as Redwood Materials by integrating recycling and cathode production, something that is common in South Korea and China. The startup Battery Resourcers which received funding for a demo plant this year shares the same ambition.

More about the partnership here.

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