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Hydro partners with Porsche on battery materials and recycling

The aluminium producer Hydro and sports car maker Porsche has signed an collaboration agreement on what the companies call innovative value chain concept for battery materials and battery recycling. This comes on top of a supply agreement for Porsche to use low-carbon aluminium and extrusions from Hydro.

Through the agreement Hydro and Porsche will cooperate in the development of a roadmap to recycle battery materials from the car maker's batteries in Europe when they reach end of life. The companies will work on circular solutions enabling both parties to get access to batteries and expect results of a joint battery recycling in 2025.

Hydro is already active in battery recycling through a joint venture with Swedish battery maker Northvolt, Hydrovolt. Hydrovolt operates a pre-processing plant in Southeast Norway where aluminium from the process goes to Hydro while the black mass is delivered to Northvolt. Hydro has also invested in companies involved in battery materials, primarily for the anode. This agreement is the first know initiative where Hydro takes an active role in the whole recycling chain.

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