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JT Energy Systems builds 25 MW ESS hosting used forklift batteries

JT Energy Systems a joint venture of forklift manufacturer Jungheinrich and battery manufacturer Triathlon has announced it is building a ESS facility in Freiberg, Saxony, with a peak output of 25 MW in which batteries that previously been used in Jungheinrich's forklifts will be deployed alongside new batteries. The company has not disclosed the actual duration or total capacity which most likely will be scaled by time as more batteries become available.

The large-scale storage system consists, among other things, of used lithium-ion battery modules that will be reused after their life in electric forklifts and the automotive sector. More than 1 million Jungheinrich electric trucks are today in use worldwide. A rapidly growing portion of these are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Although the batteries have far longer lifetime than the previous lead-acid batteries they are also often heavily used and can be expected to reach the end of their first life much earlier than batteries in electric cars.

Based in Freiberg, Saxony, JT Energy Systems has particular expertise in the repair and reprocessing of used lithium-ion batteries. In classifying and evaluating the remaining service life of the batteries, the company draws on the know-how of Dresden-based NOVUM engineerING GmbH as an expert in AI-based battery monitoring. Read more here.

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