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Mercedes-Benz Energy delivers 1.4MWh system to....Mercedes-Benz

Merceces-Benz Energy, the Daimler entity specializing in ESS solutions based on EV batteries has installed a 1.4 MWh system at one of Mercedes-Benz's factories in Sindelfingen, Germany.

The system will work as a buffer for the factory's photovoltaic system and is one of many components in the green building which now is classifed as a zero carbon factory.

To operate ESS based on EV batteries provide several important benefits for the car makers. They can use their strong buying power when procuring ESS solutions for their own needs while storing new batteries which might be used in the future as replacement batteries. This way they can monetize their future commitments and in the same avoid costly supply problems in the future. The systems can then also be used for the same batteries in a second life. Mercedes-Benz are now involved in all of these value pools.

Ultimately this also give companies like Mercedes-Benz Energy a strong position when batteries reach their final end of life and need to be recycled, sitting on large quantities of consolidated batteries.

More about the installation here.

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