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Northvolt constructs 125,000 tonnes recycling facility

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The cell manufacturing startup Northvolt which will commence full scale production by the end of 2021 has announced it through its subsidiary Revolt has verified its recycling process at their demo plant in Västerås, Sweden,and will now start construction of their recycling plant in Skellefteå at the company’s first cell manufacturing plant.

The recycling plant was initially intended to have a capacity of 25,000 tonnes. The company will however already from the beginning build a recycling capacity of 125,000 tonnes of end-of-life batteries. Besides waste batteries the plant will also process production waste from the company’s cell manufacturing. The construction will start in Q1 2022 and will be commissioned in 2023.

With 125,000 tonnes the plant will be the largest in Europe, and potentially the largest in the world although other players have larger total capacity. The plant will produce sulphates and lithium carbonate which later will be used to produce new precursors and cathode materials.

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