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Reuse and recycling projects part of €2.9 billion EU battery package

The EU Commission has approved €2.9 billion public support by twelve Member States for a second pan-European research and innovation project along the entire battery value chain. The public funding is expected to unlock an additional €9 billion in private investments

Of the 42 direct participants 15 are involved in reuse and recycling activities:

ZTS VaV from Slovakia will develop concepts and production of ESS solutions based on reused EV batteries.

The German battery repair company Liofit will further develop repurposing solutions of e-bike and scooter batteries as well as investing in pre-processing of the modules.

In Italy the energy company EnelX will further develop solutions for V2G, software for the optimization of second life solution as well as logistical solutions and dismantling technologies for further reuse and recycling.

The Spanish startup Little Electric Cars will develop second life solutions for batteries that have served in their low speed vehicles, something which potentially can involve conversion of ICE vehicles as well which is part of their activities.

Moreover the the Finnish companies Valmet Automotive, Keliber and Fortum will receive funding which for projects relating to reuse and recycling. So will a couple of Italian companies involved in lead-acid batteries: FIAMM, Midac and Engitec.

Further more has Belgian JGI Hydrometal received funding for the use of their hydrometallurgical process for recycling of lithium-ion batteries, Tesla for integrated manufacturing and recycling in their Branderburger plant and Italmatch for their chemicals which are used in battery recycling.

More about the funding here:

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