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Startup to set up EV recycling plant in Switzerland

Swiss media writes about the startup Librec which aims to set up a EV battery recycling plant in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland, 44 minutes North of the capital Bern.

The startup aims to recycle 3,000 tonnes per year in ten years and has secured access to a recycling method in Germany which is claimed to recover 90 per cent of the materials today. The plant is planned to be commissioned in 2022.

Librec especially emphasize their collection approach which is based on central collection of electric vehicles from which the batteries are removed. In the process batteries will first be assessed for reuse and then, if not suitable, discharged and dismantled and subsequently shredded before they are shredded.

So far Librec has secured funding of 400,000 CHF (443,000 USD).

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