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TES-Amm invests in recycling startup Green Li-ion

TES-Amm, one of the world's leading e-waste companies with head quarters in Singapore has invested in the startup Green Li-ion, also based in Singapore.

TES has a signficant footprint in lithium-ion battery recycling already with a plant with a hydrometallurgical process in Singapore and a mechanical treatment in France (former Recupyl).

Green Li-ion is a small startup which has received a lot of attention for their so called deep-clean technology that fully rejuvenates lithium-ion batteries, similar to what usually is called cathode-to-cathode recycling.

Green Li-ion's technology will be integrated into TES’s existing battery recycling facilities. Their Multi-Cathode processor and control unit GLMC-1 will give TES the in-house capability to further refine lithium iron phosphate batteries. It will also deliver higher purity rates on commodities like graphite and cathode metal salts (e.g. LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2, NiCO3, MnCO3, CoC2O4, and Li2CO3), as well as cobalt and lithium extracted from lithium-ion batteries.

More about the investment and partnership here:

Find an article about Green Li-Ion here:

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