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TES-Amm officially opens hydrometallurgical recycling plant in Singapore

The e-waste giant TES-Amm is taking lithium-ion battery recycling seriously. After having operating a pre-processing plant in Singapore for several years with some additional refining the company now has opened a completely new plant with a capacity of 14,000 tonnnes per day (cell level). As most of TES-Amm's feedstock is LCO batteries their first end products will be cobalt hydroxide and lithium carbonate.

The plant is partially powered by a 1MwH 2nd life Energy Storage System (ESS) that is fed by 350KwH of rooftop solar panels.

TES-Amm has made several strategic investments over the last years including French battery recycling Recupyl, UK-based phone refurbisher Redeem, recycling startup Green Lion and ESS vendor Genplus.

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