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B2U Storage Solution reaches 25 MWh in 2nd life-based ESS capacity

B2U Storage Solutions, a second life ESS specialist, based in Lancaster, California, US has achieved a global milestone by deploying 25 MWh of energy storage capacity based on used EV batteries. The batteries, 1,300 packs from Nissan Leaf and Honda vehicles, have been sourced through multiple channels from different use and end-of-life causes. The whole depoyment which is co-located with a solar farm owned by the sister company SES, make up a hybrid solar and energy storage facility which in 2022 generated over $1M in revenue from power and grid services

B2U Storage Solutions started operation in 2019 and has since then scaled the project step by step. The system in Lancaster is UL 9540-certified and is, as far as we can tell, the largest system in the world, if only actual used EV batteries are considered. The company is also one of the few which really are sourcing real end-of-life batteries which not only have been made available by OEMs, such as pre-production and R&D vehicles, but batteries that actually have been used in ordinary cars placed on the market.

IThe company is using a proprietary EPS system which continuously monitors and controls each battery to ensure operating specifications are maintained. The system is basically battery agnostic and in addition to deploying Honda and Nissan EV batteries at scale, B2U has also successfully tested GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 battery packs. The latter are batteries which have not to a higher degree has found its way into alternative repurposing segments such as EV conversion, which, from a value point of view makes it very interesting for the ESS market.

In addition to the Lancaster site is B2U Energy considering new sites in California and Texas, again with a hybrid model where the ESS is co-located with solar.

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